Cervecería de MateVeza Needs Your Help Tomorrow AT 12PM

Hi folks,
We have cleared almost all of the bureaucratic hurdles for our new brewpub, Cervecería de MateVeza, but we need your help. Our final approval will be given (we hope) by the San Francisco Planning commission tomorrow at 12PM. It is likely that our project will be challenged and that we will have to make a presentation to the Planning … Read more »

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MateVeza to Open Restaurant & Small Brewery in San Francisco’s Mission District

Cervecería de MateVeza Will Feature Argentinian Cuisine and a Collection of Craft Beer
SAN FRANCISCO, November 29 - MateVeza is pleased to announce its intention to open “Cervecería de MateVeza,” a restaurant and small brewery dedicated to providing locally-sourced, Argentinian-style cuisine paired with creative artisanal beers. Cervecería de MateVeza will be located at 3801 18th Street on the northwest corner … Read more »

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MateVeza Adds New Herbal Offering to Its Signature Line of Yerba Mate Based Ales


New Organic Morpho Herbal Ale Features Hibiscus Flowers & Bay Leaves
SAN FRANCISCO, August. 15 — MateVeza has released Morpho Herbal Ale, an organic ale brewed with yerba mate, hibiscus flowers and bay leaves. A collaboration with Mill Valley Beerworks, MateVeza’s newest limited release is an ode to the Morpho butterfly of South America. With hints of tropical flora from hibiscus, … Read more »

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MateVeza Unbanned in Michigan

Dear Friends,
Yesterday, the Michigan Liquor Control Commission released MateVeza and several other products from its ban of “Alcohol Energy Drinks.” In their Read more »

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MateVeza Unaffected by FDA Ruling on Caffeinated Alcoholic Beverages

Dear Friends,
As you may already be aware, the Food and Drug Administration recently warned several companies that the caffeine added to their malt alcoholic beverages is an “unsafe food additive” (Official FDA Press Release). Since MateVeza is made with yerba mate as an ingredient and not caffeine as an additive, … Read more »

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Brewers Association Calls for Rulemaking on Caffeine-Added Alcohol Beverages

In a recent press release, the Brewers Association called for Rulemaking on Caffeine-Added Alcohol Beverages. Below is the content of the release:
Boulder, CO • November 16, 2010—The Brewers Association announces today that it will formally petition the U.S. Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) to conduct rulemaking on alcoholic energy drinks.
The petition seeks to disallow synthetic and pure caffeine … Read more »

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Michigan’s Alcohol Energy Drink Ban Unfairly Impacts Craft Beer

Dear Friends,
On November 4th, the Michigan Liquor Control Commission issued an administrative order banning all “Alcohol Energy Drinks.” The Commission provided a list of products from suppliers including United Brands Company (Joose), Phusion Products (Four Loko), Anheuser-Busch … Read more »

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GABF Tasting Notes

Check out our tasting notes from the Great American Beer Festival. Both the IPA and Black Lager were entered in Category 5A – Herb and Spice. Both received strong marks but aren’t the best fit for the category.
GABF Tasting Notes – Yerba Mate IPA (not enough spice!)
GABF Tasting Notes – Black Lager (too black!)

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Alcohol Energy Drinks Banned in Michigan

In an administrative order dated November 4, 2010, the Michigan Liquor Control Commission rescinded the approval of all “alcohol energy drinks” in the state of Michigan. The administrative order included a list of rescinded products entitled “Products with Stimulants” that includes MateVeza, an organic, naturally caffeinated craft beer brewed with yerba mate, the … Read more »

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MateVeza Crafts a Lager That Won’t Let You Down

Naturally Caffeinated, Organic Black Lager Brewed with Yerba Mate Now Available
SAN FRANCISCO, Jun. 10 — In a world of fizzy, flavorless, mass-marketed yellow lagers, MateVeza’s new Organic Black Lager is a light in the dark. Roasted malt combined with yerba mate, the South American caffeinated herbal tea, delivers rich, chocolaty flavors. The … Read more »

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