MateVeza Crafts a Lager That Won’t Let You Down

Naturally Caffeinated, Organic Black Lager Brewed with Yerba Mate Now Available

SAN FRANCISCO, Jun. 10 — In a world of fizzy, flavorless, mass-marketed yellow lagers, MateVeza’s new Organic Black Lager is a light in the dark. Roasted malt combined with yerba mate, the South American caffeinated herbal tea, delivers rich, chocolaty flavors. The use of lager yeast (characteristic of Pilsners and American Light Lagers) as opposed to ale yeast (characteristic of Porters and Stouts) provides a crisp, refreshing finish. MateVeza’s newest offering comes on the heels of its recent expansion to Colorado and Nevada from its existing distribution in California, Oregon, and Washington.

The MateVeza line of organic craft beers is brewed with yerba mate, contributing both a unique flavor and a natural source of caffeine. The yerba mate in MateVeza’s new organic Black Lager provides an amount of caffeine equivalent to one half cup of coffee per twelve-ounce serving.

Yerba mate is cultivated in South America, where a yerba mate infusion is as ubiquitous as a cup of coffee in the United States. However, many prefer the gentle stimulating effects of yerba mate to those of coffee. In addition, yerba mate is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The yerba mate ritual has been an integral part of South American culture for hundreds of years, bringing family and friends together.

MateVeza was conceived in 2004 by homebrewer Jim Woods after he fortuitously followed a sip of freshly brewed yerba mate with a hoppy pale ale in his San Francisco apartment. No stranger to creating his own beer recipes, sparks flew for Jim, as the contrasting flavors of yerba mate, hops and malt came together to create a delicious and truly unique beer drinking experience. Woods had first learned about yerba mate from his cousin and later experienced the yerba mate culture firsthand when he himself had the privilege of traveling to Argentina.

Woods developed a yerba mate ale recipe and brought MateVeza to market in November of 2006, making it the first beer brewed with yerba mate in the world. The San Francisco Chronicle called MateVeza a “buzz-worthy new beer” and Draft Magazine cited it as “proof that beer can go well beyond its four main ingredients.”

Mate + Cerveza = MateVeza… Together at last!

MateVeza Organic Black Lager is now available in bottles throughout California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Colorado, with limited supply of draft beer in select markets. MateVeza Black Lager will retail for approximately $4.00 – $5.50 per 22-ounce bottle. Visit for details on availability.

About MateVeza:
MateVeza (Mate + Cerveza) markets and sells organic, naturally caffeinated beers brewed with yerba mate, the South American herbal tea. MateVeza’s award-winning beers, including Yerba Mate Gold, Yerba Mate IPA, and new Black Lager, are brewed and bottled in Ukiah, California by Mendocino Brewing Company. MateVeza is USDA certified organic by CCOF. More information about MateVeza is available at


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