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MateVeza Organic Yerba Mate IPA Rating 4.5 Star Rating

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MateVeza Organic Yerba Mate IPA is a 7.0%-alcohol, 60-IBU India Pale Ale brewed with yerba mate. Each serving contains about 60 mg of caffeine, which is roughly equivalent to a 3/4-cup of coffee (depending on the coffee). However, if you’re looking for the next Red Bull and Vodka, this is not it — MateVeza Organic Yerba Mate IPA has a complex, bittersweet flavor that’s suitable more for beer and yerba mate aficionados than it is for caffeine junkies.


MateVeza (short for “Mate Cerveza”) bottles all sport an image of a gaucho holding a yerba mate bombilla (drinking straw) and gourd. It’s partially based on MateVeza’s owner, Jim Woods, and partially based on a classic painting of a South American cowboy. Even people who get confused by the image and think it portrays a pirate seem to think it’s pretty cool, and I have to agree. It gives the brand personality and makes it stand out in the cooler and on the shelves.

Poured, MateVeza Organic Yerba Mate IPA is pumpkin orange with a medium-small head.

Aroma, Flavor, Aftertaste & Body Effect

Just as you’d expect from a skilled combination of yerba mate and IPA, this yerba mate beer has a hoppy, bittersweet aroma with a hint of yerba mate earthiness.

One taste of MateVeza IPA and things start to get interesting. The flavor is complex yet playful. It’s bittersweet yet summery and balanced. Full flavors of tropical fruit give it a mild sweetness just before the yerba mate kicks in for a long, dry finish. The characteristic hoppiness of a good IPA is there, but some of it is replaced with the bitter notes of yerba mate.

Like the flavor, the body effect is pleasantly balanced. It’s uplifting, but rather than the jarring feeling of drinking an energy drink shot, it’s actually relaxing and energizing at once.


If a tasting amongst friends is any indication of wider preferences, it seems that people who like either IPA or yerba mate (and not necessarily both) truly enjoy this beer. I highly recommend this beer to fans of either yerba mate or IPA, and I especially recommend it to those who are fans of both.

Given the summery flavors of this IPA, I also recommend it for summertime events, such as barbecues, picnics and sports outings.

One last recommendation: If you want to learn more about this beer, check out the About Beer MateVeza IPA Review, too!

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